What Is Prosthetics and Orthotics?

Prosthetics and Orthotics International is a peer reviewed academic journal that published articles on the subject of orthopedics devoted to the treatment and prevention of disorders that involve the musculoskeletal system. The editors of this journal are: Drs. Stefania Fatone and Michael J. Dillon, both of whom are experts in orthopedic surgery; Dr. Nerrolyn Ramstrand of Mt. Sinai Medical Center, N.; and Dr. Brian H. Hafner, of the Department of Physical Therapy, New York University School of Medicine. Read more great facts on prosthetic companies New Jersey, click here.

This journal is devoted to the field of orthotics, which deals mainly with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders that affect the lower extremities. The term “osteoporosis” is sometimes used to describe these conditions. The primary disorder is often a loss or reduction of bone density, leading to shortened stature or decreased muscle strength. The other conditions often are hip dysplasia, ossification of the spinal cord, progressive arthritic changes, and other disorders affecting the joint structures, tendons and ligaments of the lower extremities. These conditions cause the patient to be unable to function normally in any of the movements necessary for everyday life. For more useful reference regarding prosthetics company in New Jersey, have a peek here.

Many therapists are familiar with the concept of using prosthetics and orthotics to compensate for the loss of motor skills and physical ability in patients that are incapable of walking. Using a prosthetic may help to prevent atrophy of muscles at the knee, hip, or spine, which can progress into a more serious condition called arthritis. In addition, using orthoses and/or prosthetics may help to alleviate pain caused by such things as spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is characterized by the progressive weakening of the vertebrae in the spinal column, eventually causing the bones to grow weaker and, in many cases, become deformed. Arthritis commonly affects older adults, although it can occur at any age.

Using prosthetics and orthotics to successfully overcome limitations caused by injuries and other conditions requires some specialized training. New York University’s Acropolis Center for Rehabilitation Research was established to provide educational programs and clinical services to therapists nationwide, and to help other healthcare professionals in developing innovative rehabilitation programs. The Acropolis Center for Rehabilitation Research is the only university in the entire world that offers four-year degree programs that focus on providing a comprehensive methodology of body mechanics and movement disorders, focused on the specific needs of patients with impairments of the musculoskeletal system. In order to qualify for admission into the Acropolis Center for Rehabilitation Research program, an applicant must demonstrate the advanced academic ability and a commitment to research and teaching as evidenced by his or her high school courses of study. Please view this site https://www.who.int/phi/implementation/assistive_technology/prosthetics_orthotics/en/ for further details.

Those wishing to pursue prosthetics and orthotics research should complete a science degree at New York University before enrolling. Students will be required to complete a clinical practice residency in an area of specialization such as orthopedics, cardiovascular technology, neurological surgery, neurosurgery, or podiatric medicine. Upon successful completion of the residency, students will be required to undergo certification in their chosen specialty by passing the Pritchard Board Certified Neurosurgeon Practice Test. New York State licensed health care providers are required to participate in the program.

Each patient is unique, therefore it is important that prosthetics and orthotics are designing to meet the exact requirements of the patient. Current technologies allow prosthetics and orthotics to be customized to the particular anatomy of the patient, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment. As a result, the success rate of patients who have undergone therapeutic care using prosthetic limbs and orthoses has been greatly increased. For more information on what type of patient the Center deals with, please visit their website at:

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